Monday, March 11, 2019

Quincy, MA’s First Modular Building is Ready to Rent

Nova Quincy, a 171-apartment building that will open Sept. 1, is the first to use modular building technology in Quincy. Modular building could save commercial projects time and money, but those benefits have yet to be realized by local developers, experts say.

Like a real-life game of Legos, a crane hoisting building blocks into place at 1500 Hancock St. has built Nova Quincy, the newest apartment building to rise over the downtown.

The top five floors of the 171-apartment building are made of prefabricated modular boxes, a first in Quincy and on the South Shore. There are signs that modular construction could be catching on as a time-saving alternative to traditional construction as the Boston region’s building boom continues and the demand for more housing endures.

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