Monday, March 4, 2019

Wikkelhous, the Netherlands Modular Home Factory Building with Cardboard

Wikkelhouse is a flexible concept for modular housing built by Fiction Factory in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The base of the Wikkelhouse is ‘virgin fiber paperboard’, which is made from Scandinavian trees. This so called goldboard, is wrapped around a huge mold, with a method patented by RS Developments, while environmentally friendly glue is added. This creates a tough and insulating sandwich structure. By this wrapping process a heat insulation and construction method are integrated in a sustainable way. Afterwards each segment is finished with a protective film and a shell of wooden slats.

Wikkelhouse meets the criteria for temporary or permanent housing. It is about eight times more durable than traditional construction.

The Wikkelhouse can be placed within a day and can be supplied with glass facades or closed. It is a unique and contemporary design, that creates livable, unique and creative spaces.

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