Monday, April 29, 2019

The History of Schult Mobile Homes in Elkhart, Indiana

Begun in 1934, Schult Mobile Homes, was a modern marvel of its day.

The concept began, essentially, in 1933 when Wilbur Schult, son of an Elkhart, Ind., clothier, attended the Chicago World’s Fair. There, Schult saw an early house trailer and thought he could sell them back home in Indiana. His concept soon dwarfed the family clothing company and resulted in Indiana’s very first trailer factory.

The mobile home was billed as a treasure of efficiency and freedom, so much so in fact that by 1963 the company, with facilities in Elkton as well as Michigan and Indiana, had churned out 65,500 mobile home units since its founding. Indeed in 1963 alone, 13.5 percent of all new housing projects started were mobile homes.

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