Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Sidewalk Labs Reveals the Key to Its Smart City Plans is an $80M Off-Site Factory

Google sister company Sidewalk Labs released a draft of its master plan to transform 12 acres on the Toronto waterfront into a smart city. The document details the neighborhood’s buildings, street design, transportation, and digital infrastructure—as well as how the company plans to construct it.

When a leaked copy of the plan popped up online earlier this year, we learned that Sidewalk Labs plans to build the entire development, called Quayside, out of mass timber. But today’s release of the official plan reveals the key to doing so: Sidewalk proposes investing $80 million to build a timber factory and supply chain that would support its fully timber neighborhood. The company says the factory, which would be focused on manufacturing prefabricated building pieces that could then be assembled into fully modular buildings on site, could reduce building time by 35% compared to more traditional building methods.

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  1. While living and working (for both Viceroy Homes and later with Normerica, the major Eastern Canada timberframe fabricator) in Ontario.. Ive been to Queens Quay many time, now the site of Google's proposed Quayside project. Coach it is magnificent..a giant mixed use development that surly makes Montreals Habitat riverside project look like very "small potatoes"! BUT it may not fly, and the Yankee Goggle may indeed "get pissed" as my Canadian colhorts might say and just write off the planning and promo costs, fold their tent and leave...as their are scores of bypassed politicians lined up against it already. Sound familiar? NIMBYs exist every where..hope you read the entire zoning release I emailed you..we all gotta a very similar,problem..just the name of the politicians and the location change slightly!