Friday, May 29, 2020

Built Prefab Introduces Free Home Plan Configurator

Kelowna, a British Columbia-based modular design company makes build-and-price tool available to the public.

From an article in BCBUSINESS by Alyssa Hirose

Ian Garrity and James Rosowsky, co-founders of Kelowna-based Built Prefab, have worked in modular home building for more than a decade—but until recently, their ventures have only been available to a very small (and very rich) population. “Our projects were pushing $400-plus a square foot, and not too many people are able to afford that,”  Garrity says. 

He and Rosowsky founded Built Prefab in 2019 with accessibility and design in mind. “We wanted all the benefits of modular, with an architectural, modern mountain design,” Garrity explains, “and to be able to distill that down into a product offering that could actually be purchased.” 

Built Prefab homes start at $185,000 for a full-size home, and can be customized using the company’s online build-and-price tool. 

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