Friday, May 15, 2020

Modular Tiny Houses Gaining Popularity

Earlier this year I met one of the most interesting people in the IRC Tiny House Industry, Derek Huegel, owner of Wolf Industries in Washington.

His modular factory is located in the Pacific Northwest where Tiny Houses are rarely built to any type of building code and rarely inspected. What makes these Tiny Homes different is they are built to the stringent IRC Building Codes, the same one used by stick builders.

Derek Huegel, Owner of Wolf Industries

When he talked about his Tiny House business, Wolf Industries, which he founded just two years ago, I knew anyone who meets him would find him interesting and dedicated to modular.

His company, which he operates along with his brother Travis, builds IRC tiny houses with no wheels. We talked about his company’s growth, which is impressive, and his typical customer.

Not what I expected! Women over 65 wanting to live in the natural beauty of Washington state comprise a large portion of his business and that business is good.

Unique among tiny house/ADU builders, he builds everything to IRC code. His company is totally vertically integrated from working to design the home, obtaining all necessary permits to producing the home, shipping, setting it and doing everything for the customer so he can simply hand them the key to a completely finished home at closing.

Located between Vancouver, WA and Mt St Helens Volcano, he ships to both ADU buyers and tiny house/cabin buyers.

Not often I am impressed with a Millennial starting a modular tiny house factory but Derek is a one in a million guy that works tirelessly for his customer and his employees.

If I were ever to retire to the state of Washington, his Wolf Industries would be my first stop.


  1. Derrick is a great young man with passion and vision. I was introduced to him by Craig Savage. Craig took Derrick to IBS last year. That is legacy leadership from one of the great voices from our sector.

  2. Yes Patrick - Craig is good stuff!