Thursday, May 7, 2020

Your Search to Own a Modular Factory is Over

Attention: Modular developers, medical,
commercial and residential builders

Bill Murray here! I am assisting the current (and founding) owners in liquidating their business. My assistance in this effort is a result of my complete and unwavering conviction that the business is a sound one (not a distress sale) based on a pride of ownership that transcends over five decades.

The current nationwide health epidemic further enhances the viability of this modular manufacturing facility. Modular manufacturing in general is poised to make a viable meaningful contribution to the ongoing efforts in combating the extreme need for supplemental care units throughout the U.S. This manufacturing facility can be a contributor to this effort with (in my opinion as an industry veteran) relatively minimal effort on the part of new ownership. This new production, coupled with the efforts of those producers in the Modular Mobilization Coalition would represent a multitude of win-win scenarios.

The plant is currently producing single family custom homes in a 45,000 square foot facility. Albeit at a reduced production rate currently (by design) the facility has in the past produced over 300 homes per year. The building, all equipment and the business in general has been very well maintained---reflecting the pride the family owners have steadfastly exhibited over the past 50+ years. Additional real estate is available which would permit expansion for increased production.

Unlike many manufacturing facilities that I have witnessed over the years, this company has excellent systems in place for costing, inventory relief and control as well as engineering and design. In essence it is ready for expansion with current ownership and management willing to remain in place for a period of time to facilitate an effective transition.

Located in close proximity to major east coast markets and some of the largest hospitals and growth areas in Eastern US further enhances the viability of the offering.

Again as a 40+ year industry veteran I am convinced this represents an almost immediate opportunity for an existing manufacturer to expand quickly while offering the potential to meet the needs of the current crisis for health care units. Additionally, it provides a well structured opportunity for individuals entering the modular manufacturing arena while minimizing risk. Debt service costs will never be lower!

Contact Bill Murray at 252-432-5896 or for more information about this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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