Sunday, June 7, 2020

Modcoach’s Modular “Home of the Week” June 7, 2020

When a Connecticut family decided they wanted a traditional farmhouse look for their rural 112 acre property, they turned to architect J.B. Clancy who designed their modular country retreat. 

When it was time to select their factory, they chose Huntington Homes of East Montpelier, Vermont, which specializes in energy-efficient modular construction. 

The house has a super insulated envelope, and the main rooms are oriented south to capture passive solar heat.

In 1978 a group of builders founded Huntington Homes in a converted airplane hanger. Today they build their energy efficient homes using the sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Combining site built with modular construction adds new dimensions in what can be accomplished, like this pool house and covered area with a garage door opening onto open space.


  1. Gary.

    Thanks for sharing. This was a fun project. We provided a complete building envelope package. Their local builder provided all interior and exterior finishes. This is something we call a "naked module". It was a win win for everyone involved. We drove value to the project with our better-than-site-built building envelope (double stud walls, triple pane windows, less than 1.0 ACH50 air sealing). And the architect and local builder installed every custom finish item that the client wanted. This project won a few awards.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

    Jason Webster
    Huntington Homes, Inc

  2. Hi Jason,
    I own a factory here in WA state, can you forward me your contact info? I love this project and watching your video online seems like our companies are a cultural match...