Sunday, June 21, 2020

Modcoach’s Modular “House of the Week” June 21, 2022

We don’t often think of tiny houses being modular but this week’s home is just that. And that’s not the only unusual feature of this home.

The Italian design company, gnocchi+danesi architects, has built the prototype and is getting ready to offer their “Mountain Refuge” to other parts of the world with 2 dealers in the US already signed up.

The basic wooden structure has two modules, covering a total floor area of 260 sq ft with an optional additional module of 130 sq ft, bringing it in under the magic 400 sq ft.

The first unusual feature is no poured-concrete is required, although in locations with more extreme conditions it is suggested to have a thin concrete slab. The interiors are finished with an exposed plywood, while exterior plywood is coated with black pine tar, lending the dark, warm look together with water-proofing. The front wide glass panel allows the feeling of openness.
Notice the tall height of the module! It is not designed to be delivered by truck as modules usually are but brought in by helicopter.

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