Monday, July 27, 2020

At Sunrise, a Foundation; by Noon, a New Home

A little after 7 a.m., a truck hauling one-fifth of a home pulled in front of 70 Seminary St. in New Canaan, CT.

Soon after the west side of the first floor arrived, workers were busy ripping off wrapping — just before the future resident’s open-floor plan dwelling was dangling from a crane well above the ground to be positioned on the foundation. The building was made by Westchester Modular in New York.

“People who are at work right now, will come home and there’s a house,” builder and designer James Johnson, of Design. Build. 

Is Fairfield County ready for modular homes? “There is always a change of mindset, it hasn’t really occurred yet, but it is transforming. In California, it has come more of the norm. In the future, this is how homes will be built,” Johnson said.

A neighbor, Blair Bucciarelli, remarked that “seeing a house built in a couple of hours is not common in New Canaan.”

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