Saturday, July 4, 2020

Converting a Site Builder to Modular Construction in a Parking Lot

Being an evangelist for modular home construction means I'm always on the lookout for ways to spread the gospel and I think I just found an convert a short time ago at Lowe's. It's the 4th of July and a Saturday. So what's he doing at Lowe's?

As I was leaving I spotted a contractor loading 2 pieces  of 8' Closet Maid shelving into the bed of his truck. It's already closing in on 90 degrees and the sweat was just pouring off his face. He appeared to be in his 50's.

I asked if he was doing some "HoneyDo" work for the 4th. His answer of  "No, it's for a house I'm building" gave me the perfect opportunity to explain why he should be spending the 4th cooking hot dogs and drinking beer rather than working on a house.

Then I explained that I write a blog about modular home construction and handed him my business card.

I asked where the jobsite was located. 
Answer: 7 miles away. 

I asked why he was picking up the shelving himself. 
Answer: he gave all his guys the weekend off.

I asked how long it will take him to make the trip to and from Lowe's. 
Answer: about an hour

And finally I asked how long it would take him to install the shelving.
Answer: about 45 minutes.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Within a couple of minutes he gave me one of his "pain points" and I told him how to alleviate it. Simply go Modular!

He was very interested in learning more and promised to contact me after the weekend as he had to get back to work and be home before his wife, who didn't want him working on the 4th in the first place, got upset with him.

The lesson for all modular sales reps is there are a lot of site builders out there that don't realize the pain you could save them by going modular. Plus the extra time they will have for their spouse. 

Maybe we should be talking to the spouse!

Gary Fleisher is a housing veteran, editor/writer of the ModcoachNews blog and Modular Construction Industry Observer and Information Gatherer


  1. Gary, great intro to modular homes. You don't know what you don't know and site builders are no exception.

    This could apply to potential new clients as well. Do they really understand the drawbacks of site built homes in terms of time, quality, fewer numbers of subs and generals in the marketplace and of course removing the stigma of Mobile Homes of the past which are not the Modular Processes of today, at some point that gets asked, less now than before.

    Education comes in many forms and meeting a potential client or new builder at Lowe's is a great place for conversation and education.

    I was building a home and getting a kitchen plan drawn up by Lowes and the sales person asked what kind of project and I replied "new home". They sadly replied I wish I could build a new home BUT, yes I sold them a new home on the spot (True Story I was shocked). I can't sell $5 dollar bills for $2 dollars yet my go to sales presentation has always been education.

    Keep up the great work Gary.

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