Thursday, July 23, 2020

Should Elon Musk Enter the Modular Construction Business?

A recent poll indicated that SpaceX was more recognized for space exploration than NASA. Now that is truly eye opening.

So you have to ask what innovations he would bring to the modular construction industry if he decided to put his spin on it. This is what it might look like.

This is total conjecture but who knows, he may read this and say “What the hell, let’s take a look at the modular construction industry”

Elon Musk builds a lot of buildings around the US and some day he may be approached to build one of them using modular construction methods. What he would find is an industry fragmented by too many imposed regulations, factories that each build differently from each other and a lack of automation.

He’ll also find an industry that can’t even brand itself properly. Some call modular construction “volumetric” while others call it “prefab”, “manufactured” and even “offsite construction”.

If he were to actually investigate deeper, he would also find a lot of problems with the entire supply chain side of our industry.

Elon Musk's First Tasks

His first step upon entering the modular construction industry as a player would be to call together some of the best branding people to come up with what he would actually call it. Then he would begin a huge media campaign to make it as recognizable as SpaceX and go after the site built industry’s 95% share of the market.

Next he would bring in the best consultants in the construction industry to rethink, reposition and redesign the modular industry from the ground up. Then using this information he would begin buying a few existing factories across the US as a platform to implement what his experts have planned.

After working out any bugs in the system, he would begin building new factories around this new and seriously innovative way to retool the modular housing industry from the ground up.

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to learn that it would be called Tesla!

Come on Elon, take up the challenge!

Gary Fleisher is a housing veteran, editor/writer of the ModcoachNews, Modular-homecoach blogs and the ‘coming soon’ ModcoachConnects Construction Consultant’s Directory. 

Modular Construction Industry Observer and Information Gatherer


  1. Someone needs to bring the whole industry into the 21 century.

  2. i think Elon is the perfect type of guy to enter the modular industry as he can incorporate his existing technologies and forward thinking to produce the next generation of residential units that everyone would desire

  3. I have only briefly viewed Mr. Musk accomplishments yet it appears he is not afraid to tackle what most think of as IMPOSSIBLE and yet he makes them practical in application. Maybe its because he truly believes he can accomplish the impossible and is not afraid to listen to himself more so than listening to others opinions on "WE have always done it this way so why change".

    Change is inevitable and misery is optional. Great article Gary in thinking outside the box.

  4. Yes, Mr. Musk. We are powering our modular home manufacturing plants with Tesla solar power so we would be the logical choice to team up! We are doing complete smart houses so it would be right up your alley. Have your people give me a call!