Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Home Store is Changing to Meet Today’s New Modular Home Buyer Needs

The Home Store’s model home center will soon be replaced with a new state-of-the-art modular home showcasing the most current features desired by customers. The new model home will be located just down the street from the current location on a lot already owned by Andy Gianino, President of The Home Store.

Andy said he is making this move largely because his two existing model homes are almost 30- years old. Since they are on permanent foundations with septic systems and town water already in place, it makes sense to sell the entire property as is. This will also save The Home Store from having to remove and relocate the existing models.

Modcoach Note: Andy is the author of “The Modular Home”, a guide to help buyers make the best choices throughout the modular building process and also a great reference for new modular home builders.

When Andy bought the property in 1989, he did so because of its exceptional location. It is literally wedged between two interstates – I-91 and Rt-5. In fact, it is on an entrance ramp from Rt-5 to I-91. For years, most of The Home Store’s leads came from traffic driving by the model center. While the two model homes still drive a lot of traffic to the current sales office, The Home Store’s website by itself  generates more than enough leads for the salespeople. (This past month it generated 248 unique leads in spite of Covid 19. Last week alone it produced 91 new leads in spite of the July 4th weekend. And these leads are in addition to leads from referrals and other sources.)

This article was originally published at the-homestore.com and has been republished here with permission. 

As soon as the current model home center is sold, The Home Store will begin construction of its new model center.

Andy Gianino
The Home Store
413-665-1266 x 25

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