Tuesday, August 18, 2020

It Appears that Slate Modular Homes is Selling Their Factory to the Walls

Modcoach Note: I received an email today about this apparent "Sell to the bare walls" offerings from an OHIO based modular home factory. Here is the email from Sean Geehan, Founder and CEO of Slate Modular.

I’m selling all the below items for 40% off they have all been barely used. I also did a screenshot so you can see the number of items.  The racking system is 19 10’ sections 3 stories tall.  57 total sections.  All the descriptions are also links to pics and more specs.

Also selling  Fork lift, scissor ladder, Glue system (new), 40 lockers (new), 15’ x 15’ tool bin cage (including consumables - appx 30 brushless tools, dozens of blades, nails, etc.) 3 rolling tool stations, 3 stationary tool stations and Commercial air compressor (new). All near new except forklift and scissor ladder, which are in great condition.

I’d sell the complete package (list above and below) for $175K  (Value new: $275-300K)

Not included is the detailed list on Viking Trailer, 4 unit Precision lifts with power generator and remote controls, air lift system,  and 128 Hillman rollers: Prices are listed separately, but bundled it would be $85K...all never used or used less than 3 times.

Everything together: $245K

I've got pictures of anything...just let me know if you need anything else.

Sean Geehan

Founder & CEO

Slate Homes


40 N Main St #1570

Dayton, OH 45423

10346 Evendale Dr

Cincinnati, OH 45241



Other items...Bundled price for all the below is $80K.


Viking Trailer Package

1.       40’ to stretch to 52’ chassis, 12’ wide, 2 axles

2.       22.5K # stud piloted w/airbrakes, PSI tier inflations system

3.       017 VC-2000 w/150,000 lift system

4.       Power units, outriggers and 6ft tie down w/L bracket

USED less than 1 mile


Hilman moving rollers

3 ton BRD-3N module line moving rollers

QTY - 102

1/3 used once, balance never used


AeroGo home moving system

C000033 1-1/4" x 100' Supply Hose with Hose Reel

SE-QRPY-125-100 1-1/4" x 100' Supply Hose Assembly

E17010526A Mod Building Moving System with (8) K21D Load Modules

#49122 21D Aero-Caster Replacement Element

Used once


4 Precision Truck Hydrylic Module Lifts w/ power unit

4 lifts and the main power system

4 power hoses

Power unit – wired for 220V – 3 phase gas powered with 4 remote controllers

Used once


We also have other items available: Commercial grade racking and storage system, SawStop, etc.

Call me if you need more information: 937-271-3914

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