Monday, August 31, 2020

Modcoach's First Job Off-Site Construction Job Openings for September

Modular and Off-Site construction hasn’t slowed down after COVID-19 initially hit our industry and all signs point to a record number of new factory and job openings.

Here is the first of them for September.

Robert Sage Careers, LLC., is conducting searches for the following positions.

Modular/QC Assistant/West

Modular/Technical PM/N.E.

Modular/Business Development/N.E.

Modular/Territory Sales VA, NC and SC/S.E.

Modular/Area Sales Manager/N.E.

Modular/Project Manager/S.W.

Modular/DSM Sales Manager/West

Modular/Conventional/Senior PM/

Modular/Production Operations/Midwest

Modular/GM 3D Wood/S.E.

Modular/Plant Production Operations/S.E.

Modular/QC Manager/S.E.

Modular/Assistant Production Manager/S.E.

Modular/Training and Safety Manager/S.E.

Modular/Procurement Manager/S.E.

Modular/Area Sales Manager/N.E.

Modular/Territory Sales Manager/Midwest

Modular/Territory Sales Manager/Midwest




Robert Sage Careers, LLC., has “matched quality with quality” for over 50 years. For more information on the positions showcased here, please contact Cindy K. Newberry, Robert Sage Career’s Commercial Division Manager, or Cathy Sage at (863) 662-4185. 

Or contact us via email. Please send resumes or inquiries to or Thank you.

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