Saturday, September 26, 2020

Canada’s Stack Modular Sending Modules to San Francisco

When a San Francisco Bay area developer needed to go modular, they found themselves looking north to B.C.’s Stack Modular Structures Ltd. for a better-cost building solution using non-combustible steel modular units for mid and high-rise construction.

The key is non-combustible, said architect Peter Streith of Edmonton’s S2 Architecture and who has worked on Stack Modular projects in Canada.

“We are changing how things are being done,” said Streith as steel modules step into the commercial sector providing a rapid construction for mid- and high-rise projects.

Canada has started down the modular path but mainly with wood and on six story structures. B.C. has changed its building code to allow 12-story wood structures with the National Building Code expected to follow but buildings over six-storeys favour mass timber construction methods over wood modules.

In contrast, Stack, in collaboration with Bird, IBI Architects and RDH Envelope Engineering has developed a high-rise steel modular design for the North American markets that can support a 25-storey structure. In Europe and Asia, modular steel modular design buildings have reached over 40-storeys.  

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