Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Five Tips for Choosing Your Next Modular Building Provider

Finding a modular building provider can be a large undertaking for a company, but it doesn't need to be overwhelming. Your time, energy and financial investment are all crucial elements to consider. Before you start your search, there may be some things you haven't considered yet that could end up making your life easier.

Here are five tips for choosing your next modular building provider:

Local expertise

From the high-rise buildings to the backroads and highways, you know your area inside and out. But what about the folks you do business with? Do they know about the highway that's always under construction and to plan accordingly for your delivery? Do they know your city codes and ordinances? What might happen if they don't? That could lead to noncompliant buildings, missed deadlines, delayed deliveries, etc., with time and money lost. It's essential that you work with a local provider for your peace of mind. They know your area and have probably driven the same streets.

Quality buildings

What condition will your building be in when you receive it? Are you sure of the quality and safety of not only the units, but also the assembly, supports and electric? Quality buildings and safe setup methods ensure proper protection for building occupants. It's important to ask for pictures of the units you'll be receiving and to compare those photos against other building quotes you're getting. New and well-maintained buildings are nicer, cleaner and more reliable. Make sure your next modular building provider has an inspection process for each unit after each rental period to ensure it's in tip-top shape by the time it gets to you. Your safety and protection should be the No. 1 priority.

Flexible financing options

You want to work with people who want to work with you. These people will work on your behalf to help you get what you need. Everyone's budget and circumstances are different, and a financing plan that works for one company may not work for another. Find a provider that can offer you flexible financing options that fit your needs, whether you're renting a mobile office for a month or purchasing a large modular building for long-term or permanent use. Your next provider should have plans customizable to your needs.

No hidden fees

How many times have you looked at a bill and been shocked by the price you've been charged? You quickly scour the details, only to find hidden fees and surprise charges. Your careful planning and budgeting have gone out the window. You call your provider, only to be told, "It's in your contract." While we all hope to have full transparency when we enter into a contract, the truth is many companies hide their fees. If your project ends sooner than expected, you shouldn't be charged an early termination fee. Check to make sure there are no fees for paying by check and no rate hikes if you extend your rental.

Amenities and convenience

Convenience is key when it comes to making your project run smoothly. Your modular building provider should be able to offer packages and amenities customized to your specific needs. Don't waste your time hunting down the necessities that will make your building functional and safe. Your provider should do that for you. Along with arranging for ADA-compliant steps and ramps, skirting and outdoor security lighting, see if your units will come with built-in desks, fold-down plan tables, file cabinets, shelving and more.

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