Thursday, September 10, 2020

Parkersburg, WV Understands the Benefits of Using Modular Construction

The Urban Renewal Authority of Parkersburg, WV authorized a budget and timeline for an affordable housing initiative using modular homes.

The construction of three modular homes is expected to cost $450,000, with a 10 percent contingency added to make the budget $495,000, according to documents provided to the authority, which consists of all nine members of Parkersburg City Council.

Due to a shortage in timber and backlog in projects, plus the administrative requirements for the project, it likely would not be completed until September 2021.

The authority voted in July to focus on manufactured homes as a way of saving money on the program, which was originally projected to cost $593,020, including acquisition of some of the property.

On Tuesday, Development Director Rickie Yeager said the staff recommended modular homes over mobile homes, because the former could be financed and insured more easily, like traditional “stick-built” structures.

From an article in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel

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