Saturday, October 10, 2020

Recap of the Modular Home Builder Assoc. Annual Meeting

Nobody was more excited to see modular industry leaders in person than me at the Modular Home Builder Association's Annual Meeting in Harrisburg, PA

It has been since March that any live conference or meeting has been available. And who isn't getting tired of just sitting at home or office "watching" people talk and not being able to ask questions or talk to friends while you're watching your computer screen?

Tom Hardiman and his team, Dave Sikora and Amanda Rowe, put on a great meeting on Friday. Even with the constraints of COVID-19, everything went smoothly. We're all getting used to wearing masks and respecting social distancing, so that wasn't much of a hindrance. 

The Friday meeting featured a variety of speakers including:

Leon and Terrance Resnick, the Resnick Succession Group, explained that few business owners are preparing their business for a successful transfer to family or an acquisition company in the event of the owner(s) wanting to retire, death or for health reasons. The importance of succession planning hit home with many at the meeting.

Adith D. Sujan, a Management and Innovation Consultant, spoke to us about the different pathways to innovating our industry. A very thought provoking talk that showed us that innovation for the sake of innovation was not a good way to move our industry forward.

The last presenter was Anthony Jeller, P.E. that brought ideas of how to use CLT in the modular industry. He agreed that CLT is not a big part of our industry at the moment but us some examples of how it could make inroads.

Tom Hardiman, the Executive Director of the MHBA, gave us a brief update on legislation that is either coming up or is in place for modular construction across the US. He also talked about the Consumer Awareness Program and how it is gaining momentum bringing modular home construction's message to prospective new home buyers.

He also announced the Modular Home of the Year winner, Zarrilli Homes and Simplex, the modular manufacturer. Congrats to both for being named the winners!

On a final shoutout, I have to mention that Amanda overcame the restrictions of COVID-19 and provided us with one of the best box lunches I had in a long time! 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the MHBA, and you should be, just tell them Modcoach sent you!

Gary Fleisher, the Real Modcoach, at the meeting! Thanks Dave Cooper, Dave Cooper Live, for taking a good picture.

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