Sunday, November 29, 2020

IKEA Enters the Tiny House Business

IKEA and Vox Creative are teaming up with Curbed to create a space that is sustainable, affordable, and stylish that would fit in around 187 square feet. This would prove that anyone, anywhere could live a more sustainable life. 

Vox Media is providing its brand studio, Vox Creative, and the fully integrated campaign launched across Curbed will generate awareness of the tiny home. This will help shed light on the larger impact that small, daily decisions will have that result in a more sustainable world.

The tiny house was built back in March and was in the process of taking a nationwide tour across the US. Stops at sustainability-focused events were planned, but like many plans, these fell through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the common problems with using tiny houses to help solve the problem of homelessness was the fact that many homeless people did not have their own land for these homes to be built on — and there’s the red tape as well. Owning an actual house required taxes and the average person living on the streets is barely able to make money to eat — much less save it to pay taxes. These obstacles are just that — not permanent blocks but ones that can be overcome easily.

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