Saturday, November 28, 2020

San Francisco Trade Unions Upset Over Modular Construction

This is not the first time construction unions have fought with developers using modular construction and I'm sure it won't be the last.

The 143-unit modular supportive housing project under construction on Bryant Street in San Francisco has drawn praise for the speed at which it is being built and its low construction cost.

Over a two-week period earlier this month, the boxes that make up the building were trucked over the Bay Bridge from Factory OS on Mare Island in Vallejo late at night and set on the concrete foundation at 833 Bryant St. Once completed it will be the city’s first 100% affordable modular project, an assembly-line-built project that will cost $385,000 per unit. That compares with about $525,000 a unit for a conventional “stick-built” development.

San Francisco building trades leaders argue that modular construction lowers construction standards and pushes down wages saying they are against modular housing unless it is built in San Francisco with union workers and craft-specific employees.

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  1. Trade unions in Philly held out to the very last even simply installing window and doors that were pre-assembly; ie something we all take for granted now..back in the 1950s.Chicagoland trades demanded sprinklers and conduit wiring or no work..even in simple SFRs in the late 90s! My point? ..Trades will be tougher again now with "housings friend" Scranton Joe in there. Be prepared metro and close in burb builders!

  2. Covid has exposed the inefficiency of all jobs with government authority for building permits. If modular becomes successful it will be endorsed by the Building Trade Union otherwise government authority will support local trades.