Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Modcoach's "Modular Home of the Week" December 9, 2020

This week's modular home is all the way Down Under in Australia. 

From its rustic exterior to the beautiful interior, this home was designed as a liveable display home, offering prospective buyers the opportunity to walk through, stay and experience the concept, before committing to purchasing themselves.

Built by Fabprefab, an Australian modular home factory, the image of the classic Outback rural home, on a 60-acre block, this 1,000 sq ft Courtyard House cleverly plays with scale to transform traditional prefab into something larger, more inviting, and versatile. Inside, you’ll find two bedrooms, with an additional area able to be transformed into a third bedroom, with a sofa bed.

Now Peg wants me to buy a couple of MegaMillion tickets so we can move to Australia and have Fabprefab build us a home. So glad this wasn't built in Iceland.

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