Monday, December 28, 2020

Modular Factories Facing More Covid-19 Closures

U.S. modular factories have been cranking out goods during much of the pandemic at rates that are remarkably close to normal. However, manufacturers are concerned they may not be able to keep pace until most of the country is vaccinated because the coronavirus continues to surge in areas where many plants are based.

That point was made crystal clear when several modular home factories across the US were forced to close when several employees tested positive for Coronavirus. They are all expected to reopen shortly but not before the entire office space and production line is sanitized. 

Safeguards that were put in place after the initial wave of the virus appear to have prevented the large outbreaks in modular factories that some other types of manufacturing have seen. But with the nation’s COVID-19 death toll eclipsing 300,000 and the virus spiking in communities that surround the plants, industry officials say it may be impossible to keep the virus out of factories, even modular factories.

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