Thursday, December 24, 2020

The First of Two Modular Buildings for Toronto's Homeless Has Opened

With the homeless population in most North American cities continually rising, many local governments are looking at modular off-site construction to fill the need for housing them with Toronto, Canada joining the list of cities going over to modular.

The City of Toronto has opened its first modular, supportive housing building just eight months after receiving approval from city council to proceed. Part of the Modular Housing Initiative, the building at 11 Macey Avenue will be joined by a second building located at 150 Harrison St. for a total of 100 new affordable, supportive homes within the next several weeks.

The new homes will house individuals exiting the shelter system and requiring safe, welcoming accommodations. Comprised entirely of studio apartments, common areas will include a dining room, program space and administrative offices.

Each home is approximately 300 square feet and comes with a built-in kitchen (including a stovetop), microwave and fridge. The homes are furnished with a twin bed frame and mattress, a lounge chair, dining table and chairs and a dresser. Twenty-five percent of the homes are accessible.

The City’s Modular Housing Initiative will see 250 new homes built in two phases. The first 100 homes are Phase I. In Phase II, the City will deliver an additional 150 supportive homes in 2021.

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