Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Toronto Set to Allow "Garden Suites" ADUs in the City Limits

Toronto, Canada, City councilors are set to take the next step towards legalizing a new kind of housing: garden suites

Sometimes known as granny flats or coach houses, they're structures — either existing or purpose-built — at the rear of some backyards in which people can legally live.

The city's housing committee meets Tuesday to launch consultations aimed at a new bylaw that would legalize and regulate the units. The push for garden suites comes at a time when Toronto is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis with real estate prices still out of reach for many and a waiting list for affordable housing with the names of nearly 80,000 people on it.

"They permit, in the same way that laneway suites do, the gentle intensification of our neighborhoods," said Michelle Senayah, founder of the Laneway Project, an advocacy group that's now turning its attention to garden suites. 

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