Tuesday, February 9, 2021

British Modular Factory Hands Over 20 Completed Homes

BoKlok UK, the sustainable, quality low-cost home provider, jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA, has announced that it has appointed leading technology-driven modular housing manufacturer TopHat, to help deliver part of its first product offering in the UK.

Modular housing company TopHat has handed over 20 affordable energy-efficient homes for Medway Council.

The two-bedroom affordable homes were manufactured along production lines at TopHat’s South Derbyshire factory.

Once complete, the homes were transported to the site and installed in a matter of days.

By taking the majority of the build stage offsite, TopHat was able to complete the scheme in half the time.

The use of TopHat’s innovative MMC solution has resulted in the 20 homes built having less embedded carbon than one traditionally built, masonry house.

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