Friday, February 5, 2021

Ford F150 Pickup, the Workhorse of the Construction Industry, Temporarily Cuts Production

Just about every Jobsite in America has Ford F150 pickup trucks. This truck is the most popular truck for a lot of different industries but construction is the biggest. 

Ford Motor Co. plans to cut production of its highly profitable F-150 pickup because of a part shortage roiling the auto industry. GM is also facing the same semiconductor shortage.

Ford is monitoring the status of a highly fluid situation involving semiconductor chips needed for technology in all vehicles now. The Ford F-Series is the financial backbone of the 117-year-old company, worth about $50 billion in sales annually. 

Dearborn Truck, which employs 4,600 hourly workers, will drop from three shifts to one shift for one week. Kansas City Assembly, which employs 7,300 hourly workers building the truck and the Transit Van, will drop from three shifts to two shifts on the F-150 line for one week.

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