Wednesday, February 10, 2021

IBSX Fails to Deliver on Their Promise to Hundreds of Exhibitors

The largest online event in construction history, the IBSX, left hundreds of exhibitors with no visitors stopping at their virtual booths. 

IBSX sent out emails Tuesday night to the tens of thousands of people that had signed up telling them that they could not get their virtual Exhibitor Hall working.

"Due to ongoing technical issues with the KBIS Virtual and IBSx platform, access to all exhibitor booths within the Expo Hall is inaccessible. We are investigating alternative solutions that may allow the Expo Hall to open in the future." from IBSX email

While this is a disappointment to everyone that had wanted to see just how it would work, it will definitely deal a crushing blow to the exhibitors who had been planning this since it was announced that this year's IBS would be a virtual online experience.

But for the NAHB, it isn't just a disappointment, it could mean returning millions of dollars in revenue generated by the exhibitors signing up for the virtual exhibition hall.

For many exhibitors, IBS is the only time every year when they can showcase their products to tens of thousands of construction professionals and without that unique experience, I'm sure many will want their investment returned.

Compared to the Exhibition Hall, where most of the attendees spend their time, the only things left are the meetings and seminars. People cannot sit in front of their computer screens all day only watching those events. 

One exhibitor, Impresa Modular/Franchise has announced they will have their Virtual-Virtual exhibitor booth up and running on their own platform just in case IBSX can't get their's working for the rest of the event.

I sincerely hope that IBSX can get back up and running properly today or NAHB and KBIS could be writing hundreds of refund checks.

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