Tuesday, February 2, 2021

New Modular Factory Opens to Serve the American Northwest

The new 80,000 sq ft production facility in Washington got a huge order to kickstart its business.

A new Ferndale, WA manufacturing company could be in line for a growth spurt, one piece at a time.

Modcoach Note: I was unable to find a website for this company. If you know it, please let me know @ modcoach@gmail.com

360 Modular Building Systems got its start last month a little earlier than it expected as it quickly worked with the City of Bellingham to build temporary 50 emergency weather shelters for the homeless at the Geri Softball Fields. The facility is at 5530 Nordic Place in Ferndale, WA Haggen.

The company’s goal is to decrease the cost of building things like houses, apartments and hotels by taking modular construction to a new level. The company started with around 12 employees and is planning to grow the workforce to 80 in the next 12 months, said Amanda Zender, general manager for the company.

The business plan is to have a wide range of projects, so 360 Modular will need to rely more on workers and craftsman and less on automation, said Allen Gordon, president of the company. 

Gordon has run a similar operation in South Dakota, Superior Building Systems, for about 20 years.

Gordon also said that when possible they plan on drawing from local and regional companies to get the supplies they need to build the modular products.

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