Monday, February 8, 2021

Step Inside for a Tour of Factory OS and Their Solution to Affordable Housing

Modular housing factories like Factory OS in California, as well as other modular factories across the United States and Canada, are leading the charge to meet the affordable housing crisis in North America. 

The affordable housing crisis in the United States continues to be a problem and it’s only getting worse. Nationally, there is a shortage of about seven million affordable homes for our nation’s more than 11 million extremely low-income families, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Some areas are worse off than others, with the San Francisco Bay Area -- the heart of the U.S. tech industry -- among the worst.

Factory-built modular homes are gaining traction as a possible solution, and could reduce the cost of construction by 20 to 40%. Entekra and Blokable are already using this building technique while Connect Homes, which is led by a former Apple exec, has raised $27 million to do the same. Google and Facebook have invested in another company, Factory OS, which is building affordable homes in the Bay Area.

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  1. Interesting for sure BUT I would not call it innovative this is the same design/idea done in Vancouver and BC almost 5 years ago. Where we need change and innovation is in how this type of unit is built. Even the pictures in the article show a style of modular construction used 15 plus years ago or for that matter any wood frame housing project. Really just conventional construction under a roof. I feel strongly that for Modular to truly be innovative and creative the build cycle needs to be reduced to less than 5 days per unit and the design needs to be updated to meet the real challenge of sustainability and energy efficiency.

  2. Most good factories can build what you desire. Net zero and Passive house are here to stay in modular construction. It may not be pointed out in this article, but if you need help in this area let me know.

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