Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New ADU Factory Opens in Washington

Good things happen when someone builds the right product at the right time for the right buyer. That's what is happening for this IRC ADU and Tiny House manufacturer located in Battle Ground, WA.

Pacific Northwest modular home builder Wolf Industries has announced today that construction of their new facilities has been completed and the staff has resumed production. At over twice the size of their last factory, the new location is nearly 21,000 square feet and will accommodate double the production capacity - as many as 2 homes per week.

Derek Heugel, owner of Wolf Industries

Derek Huegel, owner and president of Wolf Industries, says the change couldn't have come at a better time. "With about a 300% increase in demand, the new shop is everything we need to help meet a massively growing need for affordable housing." Much of the company's success, Derek says, is attributed to offering a 'turn-key' product. "We not only construct the home, but we also handle the site work, permitting, set up and delivery as well."

Through the factory-assembled structures program in Washington state, Wolf Industries is able to produce homes built to IRC standards - the same specifications and requirements found in much larger and more expensive homes built on-site.

Last year Wolf Industries announced they had finalized an agreement with the Vancouver Housing Authority to produce modular structures for transitional housing as part of a larger 'tiny home village' project by non-profit Community Roots. The project - which aims to place a total of 19 homes - was awarded an additional $2,552,488 grant through the State of Washington's Housing Trust Fund program.

Though they've seen major growth in demand for multi-unit projects, Wolf Industries states that they continue to remain attentive to individuals that still need lesser services such as guest homes, accessory dwelling units and even hardships - commonly used for bringing aging parents onto a shared property. Interested parties can schedule in-person or virtual tours of their factory by appointment.

"I really enjoy being able to hear about the ideas that people have for what they want to do with our tiny homes," says Sophia Stewart, the Sales and Marketing Coordinator. "I would love to show people around and get them excited about any projects they have in mind, or even if they're just curious what our houses look like."

For additional information: Derek Huegel (360) 314-8037 dh@wolfind.com

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