Saturday, March 6, 2021

New South Carolina Pop-Up Modular Factory Opens

The owners' strategy appears to be finding temporary warehouse space where they can easily build the modules, deliver and set them and when the project(s) are complete, look for another empty warehouse in another city to build more projects.

BMarko builds repeatable modular units — typically apartments — in a warehouse and then transports them to a physical site, where they are stacked together like Legos. With construction tucked away indoors, BMarko cuts a low profile.

An Atlanta-based builder that assembles homes off-site to speed construction has set up shop in a Greenville warehouse.

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It plans to stay as long as there is a market for its product within 100 miles.

The speed of modular building is what attracted AMS Construction president Matthew Summers, who brought BMarko to Greenville to build a 190-unit affordable housing development in Spartanburg. BMarko’s strategy is to find warehouses near a project so it can easily use cranes to transport units for installation.

BMarko is building units in a warehouse now while AMS Construction grades the site and prepares utilities, roads and foundations, Summers said. In traditional on-site construction, a contractor can’t begin building the units until a large portion of site work is complete.

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