Monday, March 22, 2021

Stop Marketing Off-Site Construction to the Wrong Audience

A lot of off-site factories and builders are using social media to attract new clients to their websites but honestly, most of you are not getting your message across to the people you need to each.

You continue to show products and materials being delivered, workers pounding nails and just about anything other than what your prospective new home buyer really wants - - Pictures of finished houses both exterior and interior.

Can you imagine buying a car from any dealer that only showed you parts that went into it? Or the parts and pieces that went into your cell phone being the only things you saw before you bought one?

Or maybe you really want to see the cow they slaughtered and butchered before you bought your steak at Outback? Of course, you wouldn’t want to see that.

What makes you think that new home buyers want to see all the boards, workers and and even modules being delivered for a home.

Stop showing these types of pictures in your Social Media posts:

Show them pictures of your finished homes instead and you will get a lot more traffic to your website.

Make sure you show the best side of your business...finished homes!

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  1. This is something I found a lot of when I first started in this industry. As a marketing professional working for a modular home manufacturer, I've seen the data behind this. It's incredible how much engagement a finished home post garners when compared to a post about the home being set. The challenge we are facing is that when we deliver and set the home, our job is done. The rest is handled by the builder. When the builder is done, it belongs to the customer. How do you suppose we combat this, Gary? I'm interested to hear your input. How do we obtain these type of photos after the home is passed on to the builder or the customer?

    Great post, Gary! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. When I was a new home builder, I had a clause in my contract with the homeowner that I was allowed to take exterior photos of their home for publication and I took interior pictures before giving them possession.
    Modular factories have sales reps that should be doing that also.

  3. Great point again Gary. Home buyers need to see the finished product looks like the other homes they are comparing for purchase. Only then can you educate them on how it is actually better.