Wednesday, March 10, 2021

There’s Not Another Modular Factory Like This in the US

That's quite a bold statement but this modular factory finds robots and people working together the perfect solution for affordable housing.

As Rick Murdock walked through Autovol Volumetric Modular’s 400,000-square-foot Nampa, Idaho, modular factory, he pointed out what separates the company from others.

Autovol’s CEO and co-founder described how robots build walls and put together door frames. That helps save time, money and workers from heavy lifting.

He highlighted how infrequently employees, who he refers to as “solutioneers,” walk between stations. They had a competition for which department could come up with the best-designed work space.

He touted the inside-out building process, which is opposite traditional on-site construction. On-site builders install appliances last to protect them from the weather, but Autovol does that part before the units leave the factory.

And perhaps what he’s most passionate about, Murdock repeated over and over how important it is to address housing affordability.

“There’s not another plant like this in this country,” Murdock said.

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