Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Factory OS Begins Stepping to the Front of the Modular Housing Industry

It's hard to believe that the factory once used to build those folding wall Blu Homes, a company that ended up being only a shell of its former self, is now the home to one of the Poster Children for Modular Housing.

Initially backed by some powerful, forward-thinking, companies, it has grown to become a success producing over 1,000 units since its conception in 2017. Now its opened a second factory on Mare Island in California.

A bright light in the midst of the pandemic, Factory_OS ramps up affordable housing production due to surging demand. Shelter-in-place mandates drew attention to affordable housing as critical infrastructure, enabling the factory to remain in production throughout the lock-downs. Reinvestment in disadvantaged communities, stimulated by customers' affordable housing development projects and Factory_OS's creation of more than 500 union jobs, catapulted the company into the limelight for investors seeking to impact systemic barriers to equity. 

Through a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, Factory_OS, in partnership with world-class building materials companies, will embark on bold R&D initiatives to develop new building materials and processes that support industrialized construction.

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