Tuesday, April 20, 2021

VA Town Revises Zoning to Allow Manufactured Housing in All Neighborhoods

We all knew the day would come when traditional zoning requirements would be put aside in order to allow more people to become new homeowners. But allowing traditional single and double-wide HUD homes into R1 neighborhoods is still hard to comprehend.

After a joint public hearing and a vote by the Bluefield, Va. Planning Commission, the Town Council voted April 13 to remove Section Five of the definition of modular homes found in the current Town Code which states any modular homes must be absent of axels and frames.

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This code change will allow modular and manufactured homes with axels and frames to be placed in the Town of Bluefield, Va.

Previously, only crane-set modular homes could be placed within the town but this code change will allow the citizens more options when selecting a new home.

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1 comment:

  1. You recently shared an article advocating for deregulation of land use. Today, you find it "hard to comprehend" when a community deregulates land use requirements. I am at a loss of words.