Thursday, May 6, 2021

Modular Home Factories Like Foothold Modular Could Provide Answer to Affordable Housing

Big modular home factories seem to get all the attention in providing ways to meet the affordable crisis in the US but there is a smaller answer to the problem.

Hannah Van Wetter and Sam Atkins, Co-founders of Foothold Modular

Just like the "pop up" modular factory that opens near a developer's large project and builds modules for single-family and multifamily homes until the development is complete and then closes and moves on to the next location, there are more small modular home factories about to open that will serve a limited geographical area with ADUs, affordable homes and even tiny houses who will not leave after they've built a couple hundred homes. Instead, they will probably expand into new and larger production facilities in the same area.

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A new company, Foothold Modular, a Montana-based modular housing startup, opening in Butte, Montana that creates small, factory-built homes hopes to be part of the solution to the state’s growing affordable housing problem.

Foothold was recently awarded the top social venture prize in Montana State University's $50K Venture Competition. 

"We're incredibly honored to receive this award" said Sam Atkins, Foothold's Co-Founder and MSU Alumnus. "The lack of housing is a critical issue for everyone in our community, and this prize is a great milestone as we build a solution that works."

Foothold is a public-benefit corporation started in Bozeman and is opening in Butte’s Montana Connections Park this summer. It will build modular homes from 600 square feet up to 1,800 square feet.

Everyone at the Modcoach Network and in the modular housing industry hope you exceed your dreams and continue to help find solutions to affordable housing in Montana.

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