Friday, May 21, 2021

South Dakota Modular Factory Ready to Set Large Apartment Complex

When someone mentions their modular factory is setting another big commercial next, most of us would think it was another West Coast project. But you would be wrong. South Dakota is where this factory is located and is thriving in building commercial projects.

Best GEN Companies is set to begin assembly of 53 modular boxes to create a 3-story apartment complex within a week.  The setting will begin Monday, May 24th in the Orchard Meadows subdivision of Rapid City, SD.


The complex, BG Flats, is being constructed utilizing modular construction; a process where modular units are manufactured in a factory, off-site, and shipped to a location to be stacked all at once. 


Best GEN’s last project in South Dakota was a Holiday Inn Express in Watertown that took seven days to erect a four-story building. BG Flats will be Best GEN’s first commercial modular project in Rapid City.

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Donnie Hambek, President of Best GEN Construction

When asked about the modular building process, Donnie Hambek, President of Best GEN Construction, commented:


“With modular construction, we were able to get this project off the ground and ready in a short amount of time, even with the labor shortages.  We’re able to do that because we’re doing site work and concrete on location, while at the same time they’re completing all the framing and finish work in the factory.  We’re able to do all the concrete work and site work before the actual building arrives.”

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The apartment complex, BG Flats, is set to open this summer and pre-leasing will begin soon. The total time for substantial completion of the project will be six months; the amount of time allowed for a 1031 exchange. 


Best GEN companies are headquartered in Rapid City, SD. 

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