Friday, June 4, 2021

Take the Tour of Autovol, the Automated Modular Factory

Autovol, the modular factory that has raised the bar for modular construction projects has opened its door to you with a tour of the factory hosted by Dave Cooper, the off-site construction industry's video tour guide to all things off-site and modular.

Join Dave as he tours Autovol with Richard Murdock, the CEO, and Co-Founder. After you watch this fascinating look into our future, please take a minute and subscribe to Dave's YouTube channel.

Autovol Volumetric Modular is pioneering new solutions in affordable housing by bringing together modular construction and automation. Robots manage the heavy lifting and “Solutioneers” leverage process optimization. 

Autovol plans to create hundreds of jobs within their factory, and many more in companies providing outside services. As there continues to be a major shortage of skilled labor in the construction trades and a significant need for improvement in the build process, Autovol is creating a new kind of workplace that combines engineers, programmers, machine operators, construction trades and innovative construction technology, allowing for a more diverse and inclusive industry. 

This a FIRST LOOK at the manufacturing facility in Idaho and an opportunity to meet CEO and Co-Founder Rick Murdock along with the Solutioneers who make it happen every day. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Gary! Like you, at Dave Cooper LIVE we host an editorial series for innovators and about innovation in the built environment. It’s a behind-the-scenes conversation with AEC professionals and forward-thinking, collaborative people in the built environment. We invite you all to join the conversation and inspire the next generation of construction leaders to help us improve the way we build...the same way the Autovol Volumetric Modular and the Solutioneers are doing...

  2. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing Gary, I love the content you share.