Thursday, June 10, 2021

Warren Buffet's Clayton Homes and MiTek Move Into Commercial Offsite Construction

In a move nobody in our industry is surprised he made, Warren Buffets' Clayton Homes and MiTek are taking the next logical step for both horizontal and vertical integration in the offsite commercial construction.

Warren Buffett is forging further into modular construction, leveraging the Berkshire Hathaway-owned MiTek engineered building products and construction software firm to launch a hybrid offsite-on site building model targeted at hospitality, health care, education and multifamily construction.

The model, which is similar to the flat-packing and shipping of consumer products that are then assembled by the end user, would solve one of modular's biggest challenges — the transportation of factory-built units to jobsites where they are stacked together. Transportation is expensive, and hauling regulations around wide loads limit the design parameters of the buildings.

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