Wednesday, June 9, 2021

World's Tallest Modular Hotel Stuck on Brooklyn Dock

When a 26 story modular hotel was designed and built by Poland's Skystone Modular, one of the things that weren't counted into the equation is the modules being stuck on a Brooklyn, NY harbor dock.

100 modules have been sitting on the dock for months. The modules were shipped last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and were not allowed to be set on the foundation that had been installed. The contractors have since filed liens against the property over unpaid invoices.

Now the developers are trying to raise an additional $80 million to get the project back on track. There haven't been many investors knocking at their door, especially since the Katerra situation and continually rising construction costs.

Gary Fleisher is the Managing Director and contributor to the Modcoach Network and its affiliated blogs.

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  1. Inquiring minds would like to know WHY weren't the modules allowed to set on the foundation? Key part of info is missing from article.

  2. COVID-19 restrictions were in place. No major construction was allowed and by the time it was lifted, costs had skyrocketed. Thus the need for an additional $80,000,000

  3. There is nothing to set on! Client is out of cash to get to podium level. You can see from the street nothing has happened in a long time

  4. Why would the investors in NY not seek a reputable commercial modular builder in the states and not have boxes setting at the Port to start with?

    Maybe and just maybe the “local manufacturer “ could have assisted with getting the boxes onto the foundation without delays. I agree with previous statements, a piece of the puzzle is missing in this article..

  5. Why did investors or owners of project not reach out to a USA manufacturer of commercial modular?
    Process of installation may have been quicker if boxes had come local and not the process thru a port authority. Another example of the industry needing to shop local ( USA) which could have maybe gotten some assistance from the factory with setting the boxes. Especially on a commercial project of that magnitude..