Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Support for Apprenticeship Programs to Develop Future Workforce

In the near future, the Missoula, MT City Council will be asked to support a resolution adopting an Apprenticeship Utilization Program. This resolution is a part of an ongoing effort to expand trades education and address an acute labor shortage in the trades industry.

Currently, Missoula is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the construction fields. Some local employers are not able to bid on construction projects because of a lack of a skilled workforce to complete the job. In some cases, companies have been awarded a construction contract with the understanding that the project will begin when a current construction project is completed. In addition, a large number of skilled workers are at or approaching retirement age. In some situations, employers are reaching out to retired workers in an effort to fill holes in their workforce. This tactic is a short-term solution to a growing problem.

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