Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Six Finalists Named for UK Government’s “Home of 2030’ competition”

 The competition is calling for designs of low-carbon homes which can support people in continuing to live independent and fulfilling lives as the UK population ages, while also promoting healthy living and the buildings themselves being deliverable and scalable.

The Housing Minister Christopher Pincher has today announced the six finalists of the competition.

The six finalists in the competition are:

  1. The Positive Collective with EcoSystems Technologies, COCIS, and Arup.

  2. HLM Architects with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Green Build.

  3. Igloo Regeneration with Useful Projects, Expedition Engineers and Mawson Kerr Architects.

  4. Openstudio Architects Ltd.

  5. Outputs Architects.

  6. Studio OPEN.

The finalists have already received £40,000 each to help them develop their plans further.

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